Nava is a producer, actress, singer/songwriter and social impact advisor for filmmakers working on projects that amplify underrepresented voices and advises on how to target Millennials and Generation Z’s.


Nava is currently creating, producing, writing and hosting social justice-driven projects.

Previously as a journalist, Nava tackled just about every job in the newsroom. She launched her career as an anchor at the age of 19 in Perth, Australia. She has worked at affiliates of CBS in the Midwest and FOX on the East Coast with stories airing nationally. The human-interest series which Nava created, produced and hosted, Pay it Forward, was nominated for an Emmy Award in 2012. She has since appeared in several documentaries and interviewed high-profile politicians.


Nava is also assisting to produce the stage musical, “Hash Tag Amer!ca” alongside award-winning producers, directors and young stars from American Idol, Hamilton, Miss Saigon, Lion King and other Broadway musicals.


She is creating an animation series, the first of its kind, to educate young children on social injustices while simultaneously empowering them to social action by encouraging the healthy questioning of the part we each play in both supporting injustices as well as eliminating them.


She is slated to co-produce a number of socially-impactful major films, currently in the works.

Nava is also a private advisor to public figures in the entertainment industry, production companies, corporations and organizations wishing to bring activism to the forefront of their work.