Youth Moral Empowerment Activist

Nava has been a youth moral empowerment human rights activist (since the age of 13) and frequently works with and consults for public figures, politicians, companies, production companies, and non-profit organizations aiming to tackle systemic social injustices particularly those related to youth, women, and education.

Of Iranian heritage, Nava was born in America and also raised in Australia. Her international upbringing as well as the Baháʼí Faith led her to active involvement in efforts pertaining to social transformation. She has been an international motivational speaker on these topics since 13 years of age. She has spoken at more than two dozen international conferences and social and economic development forums.  Some of the pioneering topics of her speaking engagements have included: the true causes of youth radicalization/extremism and how to both remedy and prevent it; the perception of the “other” as the greatest obstruction to peace; how the oppression of women leads to the fall of society; mass media and our perception of truth; the hidden effects of gender inequality; turning socio-economic development initiatives into global movements; material and spiritual identities; parenting as a means to transform society; mass media and our image of sex, the consequences of a lack of moral education and the power of the arts to create social movements within Millennial and Generation Z populations.


Partnering Non-profit Organizations

Nava is also on the Board of Advisors for the Mona Foundation and a UN representative for the organization, which supports both the academic education and moral empowerment of underrepresented girls around the world.


Education Curricula Development

Nava is awaiting the publication of her globally pre-tested educational curriculum, Purify My Heart. The curriculum aims to address behavioral aspects of drugs, alcohol, and sexuality through the perspective of the Baháʼí Writings, while empowering youth to recognize the significance of their actions as transformers of their society.

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Education Background

Nava has formal education in Commerce (Curtin University) in Australia and Journalism (Harvard University). She also holds a Master of Science in Comparative Politics (Middle East Conflict) from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Nava has been sought out for senior-level advisory positions in the government based on her ground-breaking research on youth extremism.