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As a leading and one of the few international keynote speakers who speaks on all things “Generation Z and Millennials”, Nava’s ground-breaking and pioneering research has been demanded by universities, corporations, government agencies and non-profit organizations alike, with audience sizes ranging from thousands at global conferences to several hundreds of thousands on a range of Televised & broadcasted platforms.
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While corporations struggle to come to terms with hiring and serving millennial and Generation Z populations, Nava’s theories are a game-changer in developing corporate strategies that will give businesses the edge in these fast-evolving times.

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"Nava is a vivacious, passionate, principled and an eloquent voice, expressing her thoughts and ideas with a conviction that informs the minds and changes the hearts. With her words, gestures and presence she paints a picture that compels those who hear her to see the story behind the brush strokes and then tell it forward to multiply impact.

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